Winter is Here! BRRR!

Remember to wear your warm clothes. Unless it is below 20 degrees or the air is bad, plan on heading outside for recess. Don't forget the jackets, boots, gloves, and hats!

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ASD Advance Learning Lab (A.L.L.)

Interested in testing for ASD's A.L.L for you 4th-6th graded? There may be a possibly of Lindon Elementary getting a 4th grade A.L.L program if enough students test and qualify for the class. Click below to find more information on testing days and places.

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Stakeholders' Report 2014-2015

2014-2015 Stakeholders' Report

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  • Jan. 23:  5th/6th Grade Maturation in the Gym at 2:15

  • Jan:  26:  School Community Council in the Faculty Room at 10:00

  • Feb.  3:  SEP Conferences 4:00-7:30

  • Feb. 5:  SEP Conferences 4:00-7:30

  • Feb. 11:  Kindergarten Registration in the Gym 9:30-2:00


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